IPS Transfer & Posting 2017 and onwards

Title ips_transfer&posting_notification ips_transfer&posting_notification_date ips_transfer&posting_notification_pdf
Dr. Soorya Thankapan, IPS (OR;2001) at present IG of Police, Vigilance, Odisha, Cuttack is relived of her duties from the Present Cadre Odisha in order to enable her to join Kerala Cadre if IPS deputation for three years. PT4-HOME-IPS-SANC2-34440 05-08-2019 PDF icon PT4-HOME-IPS-SANC2-344400001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Vinaytosh Mishra, IPS, ADGP, Modernization, Odisha, Cuttack is Transffred & Posteed to ADGP, Hdqrs., Odisha, Cuttack. HOME-IPS-TRS-33982 02-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-339820001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri Sanjeev Arora, IPS(RR-2005) at Present SP, Sambalpur are Placed at the Disposal of the GOI, MHA, Appointment as Addl. Dy. Director in (IB) . HOME-IPS-SANC2-28128 18-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-281280001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Smt. Sudha Singh, IPS(RR-2006) at Present SP, Jagatsinghpur are Placed at the Disposal of the GOI, MHA, Appointment as a SP, (CBI).. HOME-IPS-SANC2-27795 16-07-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-277950001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of Shri N K Kanodia, IPS(RR-2003) Present DIG of Police, EOW, BBSR are Placed at the Disposal of the GOI, MHA, Appointment as a Director. HOME-IPS-SANC2-27161 11-07-2019 PDF icon NKKanodia_transfer.pdf
Mr. Shefeen Ahamed K, IPS(OD-2003) on repatriation from inter Cadre deputation is posted as DIG of Police, Hdqrs., Odisha, Cuttack HOME-IPS-SANC2-15430 05-04-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-SANC2-154300001.pdf
Shri Ashis Kumar Singh (RR-2004) at present DIG, Intelligence (I/c CM's Security) is allowed to remain in Addl. Charge of STF, Odisha, BBSR. HOME-IPS-TRS-8675 22-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-86750001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-7645 16-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-76450001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-IPS-TRS-7688 18-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-76880001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of IPS Officers. HOME-IPS-TRS-7447 15-02-2019 PDF icon HOME-IPS-TRS-74470001.pdf