OSS Promotion & Posting 2017

Title oss_promotion&posting_notification oss_promotion&posting_date oss_promotion&posting_pdf
Promotion of Section Officers in OSS Cadre to the rank of Desk Officers. HOME-OSS-PMTN-48147 08-12-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-481470001.pdf
Shri Thakuna Das, Dy. Secretary to Govt., Home Deptt. is hereby transferred & posted as such to PR & DW Deptt. HOME-OSS-TRS-45135 23-11-2017 HOME-OSS-TRS-451350001.pdf
Promotion of Under Secretaries to the rank of Dy. Secretaries in OSS Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-45179 23-11-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-451790001.pdf
Promotion of 24 Desk Officers in OSS Cadre to the rank of Under Secretary HOME-OSS-PMTN-44110 18-11-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-441100001.pdf
Promotion of Joint Secretaries in OSS Cadre to the rank of Addl. Secretaries. HOME-OSS-PMTN-42807 15-11-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-428070001.pdf
One Post of Addl. Secretary in OSS Cadre existing in Health & F W Deptt. is hereby transfered to Revenue & D M Deptt.for Posting of Sri Ratnakar Mallick, Jt. Secy. as Addl. Secy. HOME-OSS-PMTN-42800 14-11-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-428000001.pdf
Sri Prafulla Kumar Pattnaik, ASO, Industries Deptt. Promoted to the rank of Section Officer in OSS Cadre (Group-B) HOME-OSS-PMTN-40680 30-10-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-406800001.pdf
Promotion & Posting of Asst. Section Officers to the rank of SO in OSS (Junior) Cadre. HOME-OSS-PMTN-34837 13-09-2017 HOME-OSS-PMTN-348370001.pdf
Transfer & Posting of OSS Cadre Officers HOME-OSS-TRS-33685 05-09-2017 HOME-OSS-TRS-336850001.pdf
Govt transfers 298 OSS Cadre officers in various categories in the Secretariat who have completed 10 years in their present departments HOME-OSS-TRS-32411 23-08-2017 HOME-OSS-TRS-32411-Dt-23.8.2017.pdf