Steno Establishment (Others)

Subject Office Order No Date Download
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-37091 21-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-370910001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-37006 20-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-370060001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-36701 19-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-367010001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-36715 19-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-367150001.pdf
Engagement of Retd. Personnel of Home (Steno/PA/PS) Deptt., Cadre as OSD. HOME-SE1-APMT2-35387 08-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE1-APMT2-353870001.pdf
Promotion & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-34577 06-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-345770001.pdf
Promotion & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-34614 06-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-346140001.pdf
Transfer & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-34554 06-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-345540001.pdf
Promotion & Posting HOME-SE-2-TRS-34448 05-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-344480001.pdf
Posted of OSD HOME-SE-2-TRS-34407 05-08-2019 PDF icon HOME-SE-2-TRS-344070001.pdf